Hey Petey here I am so excited for Christmas sometimes I don’t know what gets me more excited is it Christmas or Pumpkins, Pumpkins or Christmas or Easter is it Easter oh I just love love you all so much. I love having you come visit me at the farm! Farmer Gary and Mrs Farmer Gary they call her Lisa transform the farm into a magical Christmas wonderland! But that’s not even the best part! Nope, are you ready for this....? Santa, yup Santa is coming to visit, seriously, yup Santa! Now I think Santa is a good reason to come visit I mean come on who wouldn’t want to go to a party with Santa Claus, right? But oh no Farmer Gary and Mrs Farmer Gary they call her Lisa will call her Farmer Lisa ok well they have so many fun things planned for us all! Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year I just love everything about it don’t you? The lights, decorations, chocolate, yum, oh and cookies don’t you love cookies oh gosh cookies are my favorite and family and friends and baby Jesus and baby anything’s because who doesn’t love babies? Me and Mr Farmer Gary love cookies the most, we race every year to see who can eat the most cookies and well Santa loves cookies too! He will ask you what kind of cookies you are going to leave him so best think about that before you come meet him! Ok I think Santa coming to visit makes it the best celebration EVER but guess what they are going to set up the outdoor theatre playing Frosty the snowman is a very jolly happy soul because what is Christmas without us some Frosty!? Right!? The maze will be opened decked out in sooo many lights and what else oh.... GOATS!! We have four new ones this year they are so cute I just love my goats I bet Farmer Gary will give their house some Christmas lights too?! And Fort Runamuck he will put lights up but if it is raining or snowing hey maybe it will snow wouldn’t that be so pretty, but no matter what the weather you will stay mostly cozy and dry enjoying all kinds of fun things at our Country Christmas Celebration! I hope you have time to visit because Farmer Gary and Mrs Farmer Lisa bring the Christmas Joy to the farm big time! And that is the best part of coming to the farm you can run or sit, dance or sing, drink or eat, jump or play so you see there’s just so much fun. Merry Christmas Everyone, Love Petey Oh and PS don’t forget your socks so you can jump in the jumping castles!!

peteys country christmas, FFINC. 2017. presented by fantasyfarmsinc.ca